Do we really need a social media company for marketing

As we get more and more technologically advanced, some job types become obsolete, while new ones pop out. Bowling alley pinsetters, switchboard operators, lamplighters and ice cutters have ceased to exist due to computerised automation. Now that the use of the internet and social media has spread all over the world, new jobs requiring specific skills and new companies that offer their expertise have come in to play like social media experts and social media companies in Birmingham. But, since most of us consider ourselves as experts in social media platforms, handling our personal social media accounts with ease, do we really need the services of social media companies when we want to promote our businesses?

Don’t answer that! It was a rhetorical question!

But, answer these:

Do you…

· …check the trending key words or hashtags related to your business regularly?

· …know which social media platform to prioritise in marketing?

· …have hundreds of ways to engage your customers?

· …constantly watch your competitors and analyse them?

· …have any idea when to post ads and how often?

Can you…

· …interact with customers whenever they make a comment or ask a question?

· …analyse your data (analytics) and come up with a contingency plan?

· …find the time to spare for all your campaigns?

· …identify the weaknesses in your social media?

· …guarantee high conversion rates?

If you can answer “Yes” to half of the questions above, you will probably have moderate success in your social media campaigns. However, social media experts do have all the answers for such questions and more. A social media company in Birmingham will make sure to mark your presence in the industry, improve brand recognition, decide on the best strategies for your marketing and keep your customers happy while you are focusing on the other aspects of your business without thinking about social media marketing.